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Office Doom or Boom? Unveiling the Post-Pandemic Property Paradox

Work-from-home or work-from-office? Dive into the seismic shifts shaping the commercial real estate market. From looming threats to surprising opportunities, this exposé reveals the strategies of winners in the 'donut effect' landscape. Investors, banks, and real estate developers - brace yourselves for an eye-opening journey through the unexpected twists and turns of a post-pandemic property market. Find out: Is your glass half-empty, or is it brimming with untapped potential?

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Office Rental Market in Hungary and CEE: The Growing Gap Between New and Older Office Buildings

The office rental market in Hungary and the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region has been experiencing a growing divide between new and older office buildings, as reported by the Budapest Research Forum (BRF) in its latest quarterly report. The vacancy rate has risen to 12.2%, while the net absorption has reached negative territory, decreasing by 19,160 square meters.

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