2913up.town Homes


2913up.town Homes

With 20 years of successful real estate operation and investment experience, ALFA Group International offers you a personalized property solution.

All 29 apartments are built to the highest standards with the installation of modern coatings and sanitary ware between 35 and 135 sqms.

Thanks to geothermal technology, significant savings in utility bills can be achieved by minimizing the use of energy for heating and cooling. With the online system you can monitor the current status of the meters from your phone.

Our apartments have a private balcony or terrace. On the top floor you find demanding penthous apartments with a large terrace.

Investing in real estate with excellent qualities is not only a value-for-money investment, but also an extremely high yield.

The location of the property is ideal for those who want to find a home near the pulsation of downtown life.

From the point of view of public transport, every point of the city is easily accessible, thanks to the Árpád Bridge bus station, tram 1 and metro line 3.

Kindergartens, schools, hospitals are within walking distance, and the peace of Margaret Island is a place for nature lovers.

Environmentally conscious technology

  • Geothermal heating and cooling system
  • Gas and chimney free medium
  • Low overhead costs

Excellent traffic conditions

  • Subway 3 Árpád Bridge
  • 1st tram
  • Long-distance bus station

Geothermal energy

The primary energy source for geothermal heat pumping is earth.

Under our feet, the soil that never freezes at a depth of 60-80 cm and a depth of more than 4-5 m at a temperature is around + 11 to +15 C. Geothermal features in Hungary are even more favorable than in other European countries.

Geothermal heat pumping is also the most environmentally friendly solution, with low energy consumption, the primary “polluting” effect.

In addition, it uses the mass of the earth as a buffer that stores the heat from the summer cooling for the winter heating.


1134 Budapest, Kassák Lajos u. 69-71

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2913up.town Homes

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