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Korzó by Alfa Bratislava

Korzó by Alfa Bratislava


Shopping Park Korzo Bratislava

A visit to the Shopping Park will please everyone

– children’s visitors as well as parents who arrange housing or a cottage. The café provides an easily accessible place for business and friendly gatherings. In the wide area you will not find such a conveniently located tobacconist’s and groceries as here. Sportsmen and handymans will also enjoy themselves.

Lubomir Hatapka



Pestovateľská 13
821 04 Bratislava

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We cover 27 stores on an area of 14,000 square meters.

There are 300 parking spaces12 is reserved for the disabled persons. Convenient access, convenient parking and convenient shopping.


    start of construction: March 2011


    opening: January 2012


    sales area: 14 thousand square meters


    number of sales units: 27

You will find us at the intersection of Ivánská and Pestovateľská in Bratislava.

If you are coming to Bratislava on the D1 motorway from Trnava, it is an exit in the direction of Avion-IKEA. After leaving the highway, turn right and after less than a hundred meters turn right again and you are here. From all directions there is access to us from Ivánska cesta, opposite Avion.