Green Code


Energy efficient operation


Our tenants are responsible for 2/3 of the energy savings in an office building.

As reported in an international Associated Press (AP) article (“) and in the Hungarian press (“), the operator of the Alfa HUB office building is doing everything it can to curb skyrocketing energy prices.

We are constantly negotiating our heating contract, our electricity contract, changing the heating and lighting in common areas, reducing what we can.

At the same time, despite our limited possibilities, your daily practice contributes greatly to shared energy efficiency.

Green Code

Please read on the Alfa Green Heart website our energy efficiency suggestions collected on this page and let’s work together to get through the few months ahead with increased energy prices.

We explain everything in detail in the information on your expense accounts, so you can see which items have changed, how and why.




Korzo Bratislava

Pestovatel’ská 13

HU - 821 04 Bratislava


LOG-TEC Bratislava

Pestovatel’ska 13

SK - 821 04 Bratislava


Alfa Hub Office 13

Victor Hugo 11-13

HU - Budapest


Alfa Csányi Office

Csányi László u. 34

HU - 1043 Budapest


Alfa Hub Business 11

Repülőtéri út 2/A - 2/B

HU - 1112 Budapest


KORZO by Alfa

Építők útja 2

HU - 2040 Budaörs