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The Tulip turned very green

Martin’s largest shopping center has significantly reduced its footprint
Tulip, Martin’s largest shopping center, received a new solar system that covers about 25% of its energy needs. The operating company of the building combined the investment with the already timely roof renovation, the system currently covers 2,400 square meters of the renovated surface, but further expansion is expected.

The optimized system, which consists of 1,100 panels and is oriented east and west, continuously supplies the shopping center with electricity and – in contrast to systems for residential use, for example – produces electricity when it is needed, during opening hours. The solution can produce an average of about 600 MWh of clean energy per year, which covers 25% of the shopping center’s use, thus reducing the use of network electricity by the same amount. At current prices, this amount means savings of around 100,000 Euros per year for the owner and the tenants of the stores, while the institution’s CO2 emissions are reduced by 390 tons compared to if this energy had been produced with coal-fired power plants.

According to the statement of Alfa Group, the owner and operator of the unit, this is only the first step in the series of green investments. According to their plans, in response to current trends and needs, the solar system will soon be expanded by 20%, and the number and performance of electric charging stations will be also increased with a development.